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Tournament Results


2025-World Series of Youth Lacrosse Qualifier-2nd Place



U8-Summer Faceoff- 2nd Place

U8-Stealth Summer Invitational-1st Place

U8-Florida Lacrosse Cup- 2nd Place

U10-Summer Faceoff-2nd Place

U10-Sunshine State Games-2nd Place

U10-Stealth Summer Invitational-2nd Place

U10-Florida Lacrosse Cup-1st Place

2026-Stealth Summer Invitational-1st Place

2026-Florida Lacrosse Cup-2nd Place

2026-Monster Mash Clash- 1st Place

2026-Soflo Turkey Shootout-1st Place

2025-Sunshine State Games-2nd Place

2025-Stealth Summer Invitational-1st Place

2025-Florida Lacrosse Cup-1st Place

2025-Raleigh Lax Festival-2nd Place

2025-Delray Fall Bash at Beach-1st Place

2024-Sunshine State Games-2nd Place

2024-Florida Lacrosse Cup-2nd Place



U8-Sunshine State Games- 2nd Place 

U8-Summer Faceoff- 2nd Place 

U8-Vero Beach Blast- Champions

U8- Florida Lacrosse Cup - 2nd Place

2026/U10-NCAA Future Champions- Champions

2026/U10-Summer Faceoff - 2nd Place

2026/U10-Vero Beach Blast - 2nd Place

2026/U10- Florida Lacrosse Cup - Champions

2025/U12-Sunshine State Games - 3rd Place

2025/U12-Summer Faceoff- 2nd

2025/U12-Vero Beach Blast- 2nd Place

2027/2028-Gold Coast - 2nd Place

2026/U11-Gold Coast - 2nd Place

2025/U12-Gold Coast - Champions

2024/U13-Gold Coast - Champions

High School Girls - Gold Coast - Champions

2025/U12-Monster Mash - Champions

High School Boys-Monster Mash - Champions

2025/U12-Raleigh Laxfest - 2nd Place

2027/2028/U10-Soflo Turkey Shootout - 2nd Place

2027/2028/U10-Orlando Open Tournament - 2nd Place

2026/U11-Orlando Open Tournament - Champions

Girl's High School-Orlando Open Tournament - Champions

2027/2028/U10-Jingle Brawl Tournament - Champions

2025/U12-Jingle Brawl Tournament - Champions

2025/U12-Boathouse Tournament of Champions - Champions



U10-Jingle Brawl- Champions

U10-SoFlo Turkey Shootout- Champions

U11-Summer Faceoff-Champions

U12-Gold Coast Shootout-Champions

U12-Tournament of Champions- 2nd Place

High School A-Jingle Brawl - 2nd Place

High School Girls-Heatwave- Champions



U9-Orlando Open- 2nd Place

U9-Palm Beach Blast-Champions

U9-Sunshine State Games- Champions

U10-Summer Faceoff-Champions

U11-Palm Beach Blast-Champions



U9-Orlando Open- Champions

U10-Sunshine State Games- Champions

U14-Sunshine State Games- 3rd Place

U15-Palm Beach Blast-Champions

U15-Orlando Open-Champions

High School A-Sunshine State Games- 2nd Place

High School A-Wellington Tournament- Champions

High School A-Jingle Brawl- Champions



U9-Palm Beach Blast-Champions

U15-Sunshine State Games- 2nd Place

U15-Gold Coast- Champions

High School A-Jingle Brawl- Champions

High School A-Monster Mash-2nd Place