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World Series of Youth Lacrosse Team 

Stealth Lacrosse is proud to announce we will be fielding a U13 team to compete in the World Series of Youth Lacrosse.  To make the World Series of Youth Lacrosse, teams must finish in either 1st or 2nd place in a regional qualifier.  Our team will compete in the South Regional Qualifier, on March 13th-14th in Atlanta, GA.


We are searching for the top players in our region to create one South Florida team.  We are currently accepting registrations for the team.  Tryouts will be held on a date to be determined in January to select the team. The tryout will help our coaching staff identify potential players and select a highly competitive team. 


We invite all players to attend our open tryout.  If you live within 100 miles of Broward County/Palm Beach County area and meet the player requirements listed below we encourage you to attend tryouts.  Please make sure to register below to receive upcoming tryout details and to be considered for the team. 


Please review the following information listed below and contact us with any questions you may have.  


We look forward to seeing everyone at tryouts!




Thank you,

Stealth Lacrosse

The Leader In Player Development


Tryout Details   

Date:     Sunday, January 31st, 2021

Time:    10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Location:  Pine Trails Park, 10555 Trails End, Parkland, FL 33076 MAP

Cost:     $30/player

*All players must be within 100 miles of Broward/Palm Beach Counties.


Practice Information

Practice Information will be announced to the team.  Practices will not conflict with Spring Travel Program practices. 


Location:        Parkland, FL  Fields (Pine Trails Park/Terramar Park)

Pine Trails Park, 10555 Trails End, Parkland, FL 33076

Terramar Park, 6575 NW 75th Drive, Parkland, FL 33067



All players who are interested in attending tryouts and making the team must register at the link listed below.  At this point in time registration is FREE.  Once we announce the tryout dates/times we will notify everyone of the tryout cost and will add a charge to your account.  Registration is open to any player who qualifies under the WSYL rules and regulations.  We encourage all players to come out and be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity. 



Registration Deadline:  Sunday, January 24th, 2021




WSYL South Regional Qualifier         


The South Qualifier is one of 5 U.S. Regional Qualifiers for the 7th Annual WSYL Championship Series scheduled for July 2021. The South Qualifier will be held on March 13-14, 2021 in Atlanta, GA at the Franklin Gateway Sports Complex. (Address: 1034 Franklin Gateway SE, Marietta, GA 30067)

Click Here for information regarding the WSYL Qualifier.

WSYL Regional Qualifier Rules         

All rules will be in accordance with current NCAA standards unless otherwise noted.

  1. Regional Qualifying games will consist of 2 -20 minute running time halves. Games will begin promptly.
  2. Each team will receive one timeout each half. Timeouts will not carry over to the next half. The clock will stop for timeouts.
  3. Stop time in last 2 minutes of game when there is a goal differential of 2 goals or less.
  4. All ties will be decided by a sudden victory overtime period. Teams will start at the opposite end of the field from where they finished the game. If the game remains tied after 8 minutes a one minute break will be called by the officials at which time teams will change ends.
  5. Each team will have a one timeout per 8 minute overtime period.
  6. Sticks must meet NCAA or NFHS standards.
  7. There will be no mandatory stick checks by officials. Stick checks can be requested at any time by a coach. If the stick is found to be illegal the appropriate penalty will be assessed. If it is legal, the team requesting the stick check will forfeit a timeout. If no timeouts remain they will be assessed a 30 second technical foul.
  8. Any player, fan or coach ejected from a game will be prohibited from competing in/coaching/watching his/her team’s next game. If a player/coach/fan is ejected for a second time he/she will be disqualified from the tournament.
  9. Fighting is an automatic ejection from the game.
  10. No noise makers will be allowed at any field (horns, whistles, sirens, cowbells, etc.). Offenders will be asked to leave the field.
  11. Forfeits will be considered a 4-2 victory for the team that is prepared to play.
  12. Any team that forfeits a game during the tournament will be ineligible to advance to the playoffs.
  13. 2018 NCAA Clearing Rules – Advancing the Ball into the Attack Area: Upon gaining possession of the ball, a team must advance the ball into its attack area within 30 seconds. Failure to do so will result in a turnover, and the ball will be awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the violation. The officials will enforce this rule using their timing devices.
  14. 2018 NCAA Rules will be in effect regarding “Goal Crease Prohibitions” (no crease dives permitted).
  15. 2019 NCAA Faceoff Rules will be in effect (knee and motorcycle grip allowed).
  16. Substitution Box will be 10 yards in accordance with the 2019 NCAA rules.
WSYL Player Eligibility Rules     
  1. All players must be born on or after 9/1/2007 for the 13U division. Each player will be required to submit a copy of their birth certificate.
  2. All players must compete with their team or program on a regular basis. Minimum requirements are that players must compete with their team/program for at least two tournaments (outside of a WSYL event), or in a seasonal league. These events do not need to precede the qualifier but must precede the Championship event. Tournaments or Leagues must be bonafide events operated by a third party. The legitimacy of a tournament or event is up to the discretion of WSYL. WSYL reserves the right to require proof of participation in these tournaments or leagues. Players cannot be added only to participate in the World Series.
  3. All players must reside within 100 miles of the home field of their program. Players will be required to submit a current academic year report card, school identification card, or comparable proof of residency.
  4. No player may compete, or be rostered, on more than one team during the tournament.
  5. All teams must carry between 18-23 field players and a minimum of 2 goalies at all times. Both goalies do not have to physically participate in the Regional Qualifier, but both need to regularly play within your club or organization and will be held to the same roster eligibility standards as other players. Total roster size can not exceed 25 players.
  6. The only permitted roster modification after submission of the final roster will be the replacement of an injured goalie with another goalie pending a written request and WSYL approval.
  7. Copies of birth certificates, proof of residency (report card or school identification card from current academic year & valid parent Driver’s License), verification of health insurance accepted in the United States, and waiver forms must be submitted prior to participating in a regional qualifier.
  8. Any team in violation of the above roster rules will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player has participated, forfeit any opportunity to advance to the playoffs and forfeit any accolades or titles received by the team.
  9. Any team that forfeits a game during the tournament will be ineligible to advance to the playoffs.
Contact Information  

Director Ryan Burton 

Call/Text #315-224-7700


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