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Welcome to Stealth Lacrosse

Welcome to Stealth Lacrosse, the premier lacrosse program in South Florida.  Stealth Lacrosse provides camps, clinics, training and travel teams to both girl's and boy's of all ages (k-12).  Our experienced coaching staff is ranked among the best coaches in the country.  We would like to welcome all new and returning lacrosse families to the Stealth Lacrosse program. 


2026 Champions at Southeastern Showdown

by posted 08/10/2020
2025 Team Wins Summer Faceoff Championship In OT

2025 Team Wins Summer Faceoff Championship In OT

by posted 07/30/2020
Stealth Sweeps Vero Beach Blast Winning U14, U12, and U10

Stealth Sweeps Vero Beach Blast Winning U14, U12, and U10

by posted 07/30/2020
U10 Team Wins Championship at Summer Classic

U10 Team Wins Championship at Summer Classic

by posted 07/15/2020
U8/2030 Wins Championship at Summer Classic

U8 Team Wins Championships at Florida Lacrosse Classic

by posted 07/15/2020
Return To Play Protocol



  • Parents are REQUIRED to monitor their child for symptoms prior to attending any Stealth Lacrosse event or activity.  Those symptoms should include fever at or above 100.4℉, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell.  Parents are encouraged to keep a record of their child’s temperature and overall health to monitor trends in their child’s well being.
  • All players should arrive at Stealth Lacrosse event or activity 15 minutes prior to start time and leave facility immediately following the event or activity.
  • Equipment bags are restricted from practice, please leave bags in the cars.  
  • All players must bring their own water.  Plan for a large reusable water bottle clearly identified with your child’s name.  Water bottles should be placed by the players bag.
  • Players are required to prioritize safety and limit unnecessary contact.  There will be no handshakes, fist bumps, high fives or hugs. 
  • Balls may not be touched by any player with their hands at any time.  Your stick is the only way you are allowed to pick up the ball.  All players must maintain social distancing while ball hunting.
  • All players are encouraged to use the restroom at home.  On site facilities are not guaranteed, but when available, players will use the restroom one at a time and must wash hands before resuming play.
  • Parents/Chaperones/Drivers are not allowed to enter the field space and are required to practice social distancing.  Do not walk or sit on the playing fields.  All spectators are encouraged to wear masks.  
  • Do not sit in the bleachers.
  • With respect to social distancing directives, carpools are discouraged.
  • As we anticipate the likelihood that public health guidelines will evolve, please continue to monitor Stealth Lacrosse website for developments.  
  • Finally, playing is a privilege.  No individual will be above the guidelines established for the safety and well being of all.  If any player fails to adhere to any of these guidelines, that player will be asked to leave.


Thank you,

Stealth Lacrosse

by posted 07/05/2020
Wall Ball Challenge

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by posted 06/11/2018
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